iPong: The Game officially OUT for sale

wallpaperThe game has been launched, it is finally out. And it includes all the main features we wanted to fit in, nonetheless the multiplayers online modality.

The game is available for PC/Windows and Mac/OS X, both the versions cost 2,49 USD (or equivalent currency if you are outside the States), both the versions are cross-platform (so you  can play against each other on the net even if you have different device) and both the versions are for sale on Desura.com.

We want to thanks all the press that gave us good coverage especially in the last week before the launch.

Are we happy about the game? Of course we are: we know is not the biggest accomplishment of technology yet (but why…is it Destiny perhaps?) We know that we might not need another re-boot of Pong (why…do we need other FPS maybe?) and we don’t pretend that iPong is something that is not: we just hope you can have a lot of pure fun playing it as well as we had it while developing it, and for the small price of 2.49 USD…it is well worthed.

Thanks to everybody.